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Mon Apr 9 18:01:19 UTC 2012

Any idea when the ARM for 9.9.0 will be published?
No mention on the ISC web site.

Reference and FAQ

The primary documentation for BIND is the ARM, the Administrator's Reference Manual. There is a separate edition of the ARM for each major release of BIND. You can download the PDF file of the ARM for BIND 9.8<>, BIND 9.7<>, BIND 9.6<>, BIND 9.5<>, BIND 9.4<>. HTML versions are available for BIND 9.8<>, BIND 9.7<>, BIND 9.6<>, BIND 9.5<> and BIND 9.4<>. From time to time we issue a small addendum to the most recent ARM, which documents new features that were made available since the ARM was published. This note<> about ISC's BIND Delegation-only feature is an addendum to the BIND 9.5 ARM.

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