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Tue Apr 10 08:49:20 UTC 2012

On 09.04.12 16:55, Marseglia, Michael wrote:
> I'm troubleshooting a DNS issue we recently experienced where records 
> were unresolveable, response NXDOMAIN, from the caching DNS server.  
> I flushed the cache using rndc flush and I received the host's ip.

> There were no errors in the system log so I'm enabling debug logging 
> should it occur again.  I'm still not sure what caused the NXDOMAIN 
> response it so I'm reviewing my BIND config and taking a look at the 
> default values.

the NXDOMAIN answer was apparently returned by one of servers that are 
authoritative for the domain or domains abovec. Check all servers in 
the resolution path for the answer.

It's a quite common problem with master/slave synchronization, multiple 
masters, or a missing delegation to a subdomain, where this can happen.

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