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Sun Apr 15 21:46:31 UTC 2012

To the IP address of the DNS server? As in, recursive queries sent to the server asking for this name will be forwarded on to... the same DNS server? That would only work if you had views enabled.

However, if what you really want is that such queries are answered with an A record pointing to the name server (or some other host), rather than getting the real answer from Apple's name servers, what you want is an authoritative zone, not forwarding.

zone "" {
	type master;
	file "short-circuit-queries.db";

Chris Buxton
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On Apr 15, 2012, at 11:15 AM, Markus Braun wrote:

> Hello,
> how can i make a bind forwarding something like this:
>  DNS server to forward traffic to own IP?
> thank you
> marcus!
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