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Sun Apr 15 22:31:39 UTC 2012

What you are asking for can't be done.
If you load the zone everything you don't load in the zone will
be black holed and not resolve.
If you try to load you will not be able to make WWW a cname
due to the no cname and other data rule.
 On Apr 15, 2012 5:39 PM, "Tobias Krais" <tux-spam at> wrote:

> Hi together,
> I am a newbie to bind and wasted hours to create my first bind
> configuration. My target is simply creating a configuration with a CNAME
> for to
> First: I use Ubuntu Precise Pangolin with bind 9.8.1. I have a
> transparent proxy (Dansguardian + Squid) that I use for just this lonely
> copmuter.
> Now I read that I have to create a zone for Others said that
> it is OK to create a zone for But as far as I understand
> this won't be a great solution.
> Can you help me to create a zone for that does only one
> thing: a CNAME for to It would be
> best, if all IP-addresses for other subdomains like
> or even are taken from the
> "normal" nameserver, e.g.
> Can anyone help me to create my /etc/bind/ file?
> Greetings,
> Tobias
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