Configuring CNAME for

Tobias Krais tux-spam at
Sun Apr 15 21:38:29 UTC 2012

Hi together,

I am a newbie to bind and wasted hours to create my first bind
configuration. My target is simply creating a configuration with a CNAME
for to

First: I use Ubuntu Precise Pangolin with bind 9.8.1. I have a
transparent proxy (Dansguardian + Squid) that I use for just this lonely

Now I read that I have to create a zone for Others said that
it is OK to create a zone for But as far as I understand
this won't be a great solution.

Can you help me to create a zone for that does only one
thing: a CNAME for to It would be
best, if all IP-addresses for other subdomains like or even are taken from the
"normal" nameserver, e.g.

Can anyone help me to create my /etc/bind/ file?



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