Multi-master DNS with Bind

Evan Hunt each at
Mon Aug 6 22:39:45 UTC 2012

> > Not at this time.  We've discussed the subject at some length and it
> > may appear in a future release, but it's not on the near-term roadmap.
> Couldn't this be done with DLZ?

DLZ is a mechanism by which it could be done, but as far as I'm aware no
one has done it.  You'd need a database that did active data replication on
the backend, and a DLZ driver for that database which supported dynamic
updates.  (The DLZ API introduced in BIND 9.8 has support for those, but
most existing DLZ drivers are still using the older API.)

I wouldn't want to do it that way, though; DLZ's too slow.

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