2 dns records for same server

Dwayne Hottinger dhottinger at harrisonburg.k12.va.us
Sat Aug 18 12:49:58 UTC 2012

I need to have 2 seperate dns records for the same servername.  Essentially
when inside my network (10.)  I need it to resolve to a 10. ip address.
 When outside it needs to resolve to my public ip.   Everything Ive done so
far with my dns records has returned 2 ip's.  In otherwords when doing a
host servername or nslookup servername I get both the external and internal
ip's of the server.  This seems to be causing issues with the applicatons
on the server.  Some computers inside my network are trying to connect to
the public ip (which is being natted from my firewall), those that are
connecting are extremely slow.  The slowness leads me to believe that they
are first trying the public ip before hitting the private.

My dns is setup with a dns server inside my network (serving the 10) and 2
dns servers for my public ip's.    My lan is setup that each of my sites
(schools) are in a different dns zone.  What I want to happen is the url or
name of the server to be the same regardless of where the user is either
inside or outside my network.

So far I have tried setting up a seperate zone file for my internal dns and
adding the entry to my external like I normally do.  This is what resolves
with 2 ip's.   Is there anyway to get my dns servers to do this?



Dwayne Hottinger
Network Administrator
Harrisonburg City Public Schools
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