2 dns records for same server

Čiernik Tomáš tomas at ciernik.sk
Sat Aug 18 13:02:07 UTC 2012


you are looking for views.

But be aware if your DNS clients are moving from private to public 
network and vice versa - you'd better have short TTL's.

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Dňa 18.8.2012 14:49 Dwayne Hottinger  wrote / napísal(a):
> I need to have 2 seperate dns records for the same servername.
>   Essentially when inside my network (10.)  I need it to resolve to a
> 10. ip address.  When outside it needs to resolve to my public ip.
> Everything Ive done so far with my dns records has returned 2 ip's.  In
> otherwords when doing a host servername or nslookup servername I get
> both the external and internal ip's of the server.  This seems to be
> causing issues with the applicatons on the server.  Some computers
> inside my network are trying to connect to the public ip (which is being
> natted from my firewall), those that are connecting are extremely slow.
>   The slowness leads me to believe that they are first trying the public
> ip before hitting the private.
> My dns is setup with a dns server inside my network (serving the 10) and
> 2 dns servers for my public ip's.    My lan is setup that each of my
> sites (schools) are in a different dns zone.  What I want to happen is
> the url or name of the server to be the same regardless of where the
> user is either inside or outside my network.
> So far I have tried setting up a seperate zone file for my internal dns
> and adding the entry to my external like I normally do.  This is what
> resolves with 2 ip's.   Is there anyway to get my dns servers to do this?
> thanks,
> ddh
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