bsa: A testing toolkit for bind configurations.

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Wed Aug 29 07:21:13 UTC 2012


First post here!

At my current occupation we rely heavily on our internal DNS operating
And I got involved on how we would do change management, or specifically
unit test our existing configuration.

I got interested and started a personal project of mine, currently named
"bsa" for "bind static analyzer".
It allows you to digest a complete bind configuration and run standalone or
integrate it into your existing test-suites.

Some project goals;

* Flexible and extensible. The project is built in a way that clearly
separates it's component. Adding custom RRs shouldn't be a problem.
* Read-only (with except for caching), no destruction or modifications on
the existing configuration should be necessary.
* Macro and/or third party sources support. A lot of people generate
configuration from a DSL, I want bsa to consume these directly and for it
to have the desired effect in the database.
* Completely off-line.
* Fast.
* This is not a bind emulator, just some tools for accessing it's database
in a convenient manner.

At it's current state it builds an in-memory database that it exposes
through some simple query functions.
There are also a few library tools useful when writing test suites.

If the tool is invoked with '-i' it starts up an ipython embedded shell
which gives you full and live access to the internals of the toolkit, for
you pythonistas out there this is a lot of fun to play with.

I am looking for people willing to try it out, but mainly just sharing and

Source available at
Licensed under GPLv3.

-- John-John Tedro
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