Linux issue with make test failures, 9.9.2-P1

Jeff Earickson jaearick at
Wed Dec 5 14:27:10 UTC 2012


The "make test" stuff is failing miserably for me on Linux (Redhat
6.3, x64) with 9.9.2-P1:

if test -f ./; then sh ./; fi
S:acl:Wed Dec  5 08:10:01 EST 2012
A:System test acl
I:Couldn't start server ns2 (pid=7621)
S:allow_query:Wed Dec  5 08:10:15 EST 2012
A:System test allow_query
I:Couldn't start server ns2 (pid=7684)
S:addzone:Wed Dec  5 08:10:29 EST 2012
A:System test addzone
I:Couldn't start server ns2 (pid=7735)
I:System test result summary:
I:        43 FAIL
I:         6 PASS
I:         3 SKIPPED

The same "make test" worked perfectly on Solaris SPARC.  I ran
bin/tests/systems/ up as
root, then ran "make test" (tried both as me and as root) -- failure.
This happened on both a vmware
virtual server and a physical server.  Any ideas?  What changed?  A bug?

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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