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Fri Dec 7 22:04:42 UTC 2012

I recently (as of 2 days ago) enabled RPZ on all of my name servers.  I currently use "rndc stats", perl, and SNMP to make certain global stats available to our network monitoring system to make charts (number of queries across all views and such).  I'd like to do the same for just the RPZ zone so I can get an idea of how many queries are getting handled by RPZ itself.

I added "zone-statistics yes;" to the RPZ zone, and the statistics file showed the header for that zone, but then there were no stats there.  I enabled the zone-statistics for a "regular" zone and it provided stats as expected.  Here's what my stats file looks like with zone-statistics enabled in the RPZ zone and one other zone for comparison.

++ Per Zone Query Statistics ++
[ (view: view1)]
                  3 queries resulted in successful answer
                  9 queries resulted in authoritative answer
                  2 queries resulted in nxrrset
                  4 queries resulted in NXDOMAIN
[rpz (view: view2)]
[rpz (view: view1)]

My assumption is that since the RPZ zone is "special" it therefore can't keep track of stats.  Is this the case or am I overlooking something obvious?

I guess I could CNAME all the RPZ records to a single host in a separate domain and then do zone-statistics on that one zone, but that's kinda dirty.


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