Can we load balance traf[f]ic for CNAME records?

Manish Rane manishr78 at
Fri Dec 14 09:34:31 UTC 2012

Perfect this is what I was talking about, now

My IMAP and SMTP are on same server and confusion starts from there
since MX records will eventaully should have A record as well so in
that case I will be having 2 A records pointing to same IPs correct.
Woudl that casue any issue, theortically it shouldnt.   IN   MX  10   IN   MX   20   IN    A IN   A   IN  A   IN  A

On 12/14/12, Feng He <fenghe at> wrote:
> 于 2012-12-14 17:14, Manish Rane 写道:
>> I understand that Mail Delivery load balance can be achieved by usingMX
>> priorities. My concern is not that, rather I am more worries about users
>> who will be using A record to configure their mail clients like IMAP or
>> POP. I am thinking on load balancing their since I want users to access
>> the both the ISPs to connect. I can have A/CNAME? record configured in
>> my zone with *lower TTL value say 180* so that if any of the link goes
>> down I can edit the zone and have the faulty entry removed which
>> eventually would cost me less downtime. That way I dont need to do any
>> configuration at client end since the A/CNAME record is gonna be the same.
>> That is why I was wondering if A or CNAME can be configured for two
>> different IP addresses which also holds MX Records and thus configure
>> the load balancing by that way?
> There are two ways of setup that.
> the first, for example, has two A records,
> 900  IN  A
> 900  IN  A
> If one server go down, half of the users have the chance to use the
> another one.
> the second, has only one A record,
> 900 IN A
> when this server go down, you change the record value to another IP by
> hand. that's no problem for the clients ,but you must do it by hand. Or
> write a script to do this automatically for you.
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