How can I migrate my Domain from ISP hosted to my own BIND server?

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Fri Dec 14 11:03:37 UTC 2012

You can find an external DNS provider (I use one that is free) and have
them slave your zones. Just make your TTLs suitable, so even if your own
server dies, the zones will be served from the provider for weeks.

Changes will propagate fast.

On 14/12/12 11:40, Mark Andrews wrote:
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> , Manish Rane writes:
>> Hi Team,
>> I need to migrate my domain which is hosted at my ISP on to my own
>> internal BIND server and have my own NS record. Does anyone steps I
>> need to take care of or complete procedure?
> 1. take a copy of the zone and make your server a master for it.
> 2. set up new slaves from the new master.
> 3. make the old master a slave from this new master.
> 4. add the new NS records and associated addresses records.
> 5. wait for the old NS RRset to clear the caches as well as any negative
>    cache entries for the address records for the new servers.
> 6. update the parent NS RRset to be the final state.  Add glue as necessary.
>    remove old glue records that are no longer necessary.
> 7. remove the old NS records from the zone. 
> 8. wait for the combined NS RRset to clear caches.
> 9. decommision old nameservers.
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