Just wondering if BIND can do GLB -Global Load Balancing Stuff?

Feng He fenghe at nsbeta.info
Mon Dec 17 08:28:52 UTC 2012

I once maintained two F5-BIGIP-GTM boxes a coupe of years ago, at that 
time they called as F5 3DNS.
GTM does have a BIND installed, but that means nothing.
Its GSLB DNS module is not BIND, but a customized module in Linux kernel.
Among with this module there are some scheduler methods to balance the 
requests, for example, based on the locations or QoS or something others.
This kernel module intercepts DNS request IMO, if a record should have 
to be balanced by GTM, the kernel module will response it based on the 
chosen scheduler. Otherwise records will responsed by BIND.

于 2012-12-12 21:23, Manish Rane 写道:
> Can BIND work as a Global Load Balancer? Or I am keen to know about
> constructing GTM kindaa stuff which can monitor the health of devices
> and route away traffic from failed ones by putting lower TTL value? I
> believe F5 3DNS does the same thing?

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