Duplicate records?

Marek Kozlowski kozlowsm at mini.pw.edu.pl
Fri Dec 21 16:45:57 UTC 2012

As I can see BIND allows duplicate A:

pikus    IN A
pikus    IN A

and PTR:    IN PTR pikus.somedomain.com.    IN PTR filemon.somedomain.com.

and disallows duplicate CNAMEs in the same way. For A and PTR both
records are returned. My questions are:

1. Is using duplicate A and PTR a standard (RFC...?) supported by all
named implementations?
2. Is using this duplicate A / PTR a good practice?
3. If A can be duplicated and CNAME cannot -- what's the reason for
using CNAMEs (A-s are better).

Thanks for any help,
Best regards,

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