auto-dnssec maintain: KSK being used as a ZSK as well?

Evan Hunt each at
Sat Dec 22 01:42:43 UTC 2012

> By setting dnssec-dnskey-kskonly, you are telling it to use the KSK as
> a(mother) ZSK.

You're thinking of "update-check-ksk".  "dnssec-dnskey-kskonly" tells
named not to use the ZSK when it signs the DNSKEY RRset, but it should
still use the ZSK (and not the KSK) for all the other data in the zone.

My guess is the ZSK is inaccessible (private key inactive, missing,
or has permissions set so that named can't read it).  If named has an
active KSK it can work with, but no ZSK is available, then it'll use the
KSK for all data rather than let the zone go insecure.

Running "dnssec-settime -p all <key>" on the ZSK will show you what the
key timers are set to.  If the key's Activation date is in the future or
the Inactive date is in the past, that's the problem. 

Evan Hunt -- each at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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