Disabling A records for IPv6?

Robin Lee Powell rlpowell at cytobank.org
Fri Dec 28 19:01:43 UTC 2012

So I've got some IPv6-only VMs set up that need to talk to the
general internet for things like downloading packages.  As you can
imagine, this requires that they have NAT64 and DNS64, because lots
and lots of things are IPv4 only.

The problem is that many things do *stupid shit* when given both A
and AAAA records for the same request on an IPv6 host.  In
particular, the issue I'm hitting now is that node.js simply fails
to try anything but the A record.

I've actually got a workaround for this (puppet the AAAA in
/etc/hosts with the FQDN of the npm host), but it's kind of
unfortunate, and it would be nice to fix this at the BIND end if


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