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Tue Feb 7 14:12:15 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2012-02-06 at 23:09 -0800, sasa sasa wrote:
> Hi,
> I got a server with 16GB memory, want to install 2 BIND on CentOS, one cache only and another authoritative.
> Is it better to install 2 OS virtually and run BIND in them or run 2 instances of BIND on the same OS? I mean what is the best practice to take advantage of the hardware resources without risking having single DNS with cache and authoritative?
> regards,
> Sasa

How many CPU cores do you have?

I've been running Debian with BIND (some with multiple views) on Xen for
a few years now.  Each box has five virtual servers, some of them
running >1,000 lookups/second with plenty of CPU overhead.

The boxes are dual hex-core AMDs with 32GB RAM.  The individual virtual
servers are running 2 cores each.  The boxes have up times of over 600
days with no issues.

I'm not suggesting this is what you should do, but rather showing it has
been a very successful and cost effective solution for me.  You should
evaluate the expected DNS load and test accordingly. I tested my servers
with several times our current load before deployment.


BIND Rocks.

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