Resource Record propagation maximum time

pch0317 pch0317 at
Mon Feb 13 17:53:43 UTC 2012

Dear list,

I would like to know in which maximum period of time new value of 
Resource Record (RR) on the DNS server will be propagated via network to 

For example client "D" requests for RR to cache server "C", cache server 
"C" sends request for RR to cache "B" server and "B" cache server 
requests for RR to server "A" (like in the picture bellow). On the 
server "A" TTL parameter for RR is set to 5 minutes.

(DNS server "A") -> (cache server "B") -> (cache server "C") -> (client "D")

I think that the maximum period of time is 15 minutes because when "B" 
is cache RR nearly 5 min server "C" may then send request to server B. 
And when 5 minutes pass "D" will send request to server "C".

Can you tell me if I am right in this case?

Best regards,

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