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Mon Feb 13 20:49:57 UTC 2012

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> Dear list,
> I would like to know in which maximum period of time new value of 
> Resource Record (RR) on the DNS server will be propagated via network to 
> client.
> For example client "D" requests for RR to cache server "C", cache server 
> "C" sends request for RR to cache "B" server and "B" cache server 
> requests for RR to server "A" (like in the picture bellow). On the 
> server "A" TTL parameter for RR is set to 5 minutes.
> (DNS server "A") -> (cache server "B") -> (cache server "C") -> (client "D")
> I think that the maximum period of time is 15 minutes because when "B" 
> is cache RR nearly 5 min server "C" may then send request to server B. 
> And when 5 minutes pass "D" will send request to server "C".
> Can you tell me if I am right in this case?

TTL's in caches count down so the answer is 5 minutes.
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