Configuring a domain slave to look up subdomain hosts

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Tue Feb 28 23:11:40 UTC 2012

So, it seems that the stub zone only works as I expected if I disable ALL
forwarding- not just in the parent zone but also in global options. Is that
the expected behavior for a stub zone? It's not consistent with what you
said below.



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Forwarding was disabled for the parent zone, but it still didn't work.
That's why I asked the question. I was doing one or the other, and trying to
get rid of forwarding to the domain master. I have it on in global options
because we don't let internal name servers go to the root; they forward to
our dmz name server for internet lookups.


I can set up a forwarding zone on this server for the subdomain as someone
else suggested. But if a stub zone is supposed to work, we're back to my
original question. Given the information I provided in my initial question,
why isn't it working when forwarding is disabled in the parent zone?



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On Feb 28, 2012, at 10:04 AM, Mike Bernhardt wrote:


Yes, you are confused :-)


I am simply trying to get the domain slave to make queries for hosts in the
subdomain which is hosted on other servers, instead of forwarding the
queries to the domain master. I thought a stub zone would facilitate this by
giving my server the lookup information it needed to do this. Apparently
this is not the case. Even though it receives a db file with the NS and SOA
information for the subdomain, it is ignoring it. Forwarding works. Being a
slave for the subdomain works. Stub zone doesn't work.


If it's supposed to "ignore" the stub zone in my configuration, what is the
value of a stub zone?


Disable forwarding in the parent zone or in the stub zones and it will work.
Forwarding, which is often a poor design choice, overrides stub zones.
Disable forwarding selectively or remove it from your architecture



Chris Buxton

BlueCat Networks


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