Configuring a domain slave to look up subdomain hosts

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Tue Feb 28 23:58:35 UTC 2012

Sorry, my mistake. Apparently, it needs to be overridden (disabled) in each affected zone, not just at the domain apex.

If you leave out the stub zones entirely and disable forwarding in the parent zones, it should work. That way, the server is simply following delegations, rather than relying on stub zones.

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On Feb 28, 2012, at 3:11 PM, Mike Bernhardt wrote:

> So, it seems that the stub zone only works as I expected if I disable ALL forwarding- not just in the parent zone but also in global options. Is that the expected behavior for a stub zone? It’s not consistent with what you said below.
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> Forwarding was disabled for the parent zone, but it still didn’t work. That’s why I asked the question. I was doing one or the other, and trying to get rid of forwarding to the domain master. I have it on in global options because we don’t let internal name servers go to the root; they forward to our dmz name server for internet lookups.
> I can set up a forwarding zone on this server for the subdomain as someone else suggested. But if a stub zone is supposed to work, we’re back to my original question. Given the information I provided in my initial question, why isn’t it working when forwarding is disabled in the parent zone?
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> Yes, you are confused J
> I am simply trying to get the domain slave to make queries for hosts in the subdomain which is hosted on other servers, instead of forwarding the queries to the domain master. I thought a stub zone would facilitate this by giving my server the lookup information it needed to do this. Apparently this is not the case. Even though it receives a db file with the NS and SOA information for the subdomain, it is ignoring it. Forwarding works. Being a slave for the subdomain works. Stub zone doesn’t work.
> If it’s supposed to “ignore” the stub zone in my configuration, what is the value of a stub zone?
> Disable forwarding in the parent zone or in the stub zones and it will work. Forwarding, which is often a poor design choice, overrides stub zones. Disable forwarding selectively or remove it from your architecture completely.
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