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I also use loopback regularly if running a localhost resolver; in fact I
use a script that goes as far as changing resolv.conf if it detects an
interface address instead of loopback.  [Our rules require listening on
loopback minimally here]

If you do use it, I recommend you make sure you don't have "options rotate"
set as that'll cause confusion as it's most likely not your intent if
you're running a nameserver locally.

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 5:13 PM, John Miller <johnmill at> wrote:

> Hey there folks,
> I was just going back through the good ol' cricket book, and ran into the
> following:
> "If you use multiple nameserver directives, don't use the loopback
> address!  There's a bug in some Berkeley-derived TCP/IP implementations
> that can cause  problems with BIND if the local nameserver is down. The
> resolver's connected datagram socket won't rebind to a new local address if
> the local nameserver isn't running, and consequently the resolver sends
> query packets to the fallback remote nameservers with a source address of
> When the remote nameservers try to reply, they end up sending
> the reply packets to themselves."
> Given that this same text is in the fourth edition of Cricket & Paul's
> book as well, I'm assuming this was an old bug (pre-BIND 9) and has long
> since been fixed.  Could someone point me to a bug report and/or changelog
> for this?  A quick Google search for 'bind resolver source address bug'
> didn't yield much.
> John
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