BIND 9.8.3-P2 is now available

Cathy Almond cathya at
Mon Jul 30 07:13:05 UTC 2012

On 30/07/12 06:50, John Marshall wrote:
> On 25/07/2012 04:04, Cathy Almond wrote:
>> Introduction
>>   BIND 9.8.3-P2 is the latest production release of BIND 9.8.
> Would whoever is responsible for release announcements please note that
> this wasn't announced on bind-announce.
> I haven't had time to track bind-users lately and so missed this
> announcement and only became aware of the release today.
> Thank you.

Apologies - all the announcements were sent, and to multiple lists, but
the ones to bind-announce got stuck in 'moderation' and unfortunately
weren't cleared through in the post-announce cleanup that checks for such.

You should see them now.

... Adding this to the post-event review, to make sure it doesn't happen


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