BIND ignores changes in zonefiles

Marian Roess marian.roess at
Thu Jun 14 12:54:41 UTC 2012

Thank you for your quick answer.

> You've possibly checked all this, but let me ask anyway:
> 1. Are you monitoring named logs when reload the zones? Any errors?

Yes, I do. 

	zone loaded serial 1121661332

> 2. Have you run your generated zonefiles through `named-checkzone'?
>    Errors? Warnings? (e.g. an underscore in a name?)

	zone loaded serial 1121661332

> 3. You say named is realoding the file with its correct SOA serial
>    number. Have you verified by querying named?
>         dig @ <zone> SOA

Here might be an error.     86400   IN      SOA 1121631141
14400 1800 3600000 7200

The serialnumber in the SOA record is lower than the serial number BIND
pretends to load in the logs. But why would BIND log to load the right
zone, but use an old one?



Marian Roess

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