BIND ignores changes in zonefiles

Jan-Piet Mens jpmens.dns at
Thu Jun 14 12:35:21 UTC 2012

> We have a script that generates the zonefiles for bind. This script is
> working correct, i.e. the files are correctly generated and have no
> syntax errors. When adding e.g a CNAME to our database, the script
> generates a correct file, including this CNAME. BIND reloads this file
> with its correct serial number, but when I dig the CNAME it is not
> found. This also does not work with A records.

You've possibly checked all this, but let me ask anyway:

1. Are you monitoring named logs when reload the zones? Any errors?

2. Have you run your generated zonefiles through `named-checkzone'?
   Errors? Warnings? (e.g. an underscore in a name?)

3. You say named is realoding the file with its correct SOA serial
   number. Have you verified by querying named?

        dig @ <zone> SOA

4. Is the CNAME at the zone apex? (i.e. #2 will have found this)



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