Verify raw data within slaves on 9.9.x

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Fri Jun 15 06:22:34 UTC 2012

If what you want is the basic functionality of "cat", what's wrong with "named-compilezone -with -some -options"?

On Jun 14, 2012, at 11:00 AM, Walter Smith wrote:

> So essentially if I'm scripting on a slave and would like to check-into-svn changes within any particular 'raw' zone - I'll still need to rsync that 'text' zone/file from master...
> I wish '/usr/bin/strings' act as '/bin/cat' on this new default 'raw' format
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> Subject: RE: Verify raw data within slaves on 9.9.x
> > What tools/commands I can run to get plain ascii/text data out of modern raw/binary on BIND 9.9.x slaves?
> > I just want to verify that changes are correct down to the slaves. So - I can check-in these changes into svn etc.
> See the ARM under named-checkzone.
> For example "named-checkzone -f raw -F text -s relative -j -o /var/lib/named/"
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