RFC 6303 and bind 9.9.0

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 1 21:17:21 UTC 2012

On Mar 1 2012, Spain, Dr. Jeffry A. wrote:

>Also I see that bind 9.9.0 uses built-in root hints if those are not
>explicitly configured.

That has been true since BIND 9.2.

>If the root hints are updated on ftp://rs.internic.net/domain/, would it
>require a new build of bind to incorporate them, or is bind able to update
>its built-in root hints by some other means?

No, it requires a rebuild after changing lib/dns/rootns.c. But using a
mildly out-of-date hints file is usually harmless - it is only a *hint*.

[Having said that, I admit I specify an explicit root hints file and
keep it up to date in most of my own nameserver configurations.]

Chris Thompson
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