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Thanks for this clear feedback.
I understand the problem if the subdomain is not on the same name servers as the domain.
The NS record is needed to could find the subdomain on the other name server.
You said that the NS is not mandatory (it will work fine in the short term) in case of the same name server for the domai nand the subdomain.
But how does it work then if no NS is found?

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If you do not delegate the subdomains with NS records you are not fully delegating the subdomain. 
It will work fine in the short term, but are setting up a landmine for someone to step on later.
If decide to move that subdomain to other dns servers later it will disappear without the NS records. 
The best practice is to always put the NS records and not leave it to chance. 
On Mar 13, 2012 9:43 AM, "hugo hugoo" <hugobxl at> wrote:

Thanks for the feedback.
Is this a glue record? I do not have any IP defined in the NS record.
What is the flow of a request to a subzone?
Is the content of the zone checked before checking the subzone?


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> On 3/13/12 8:20 AM, "hugo hugoo" <hugobxl at> wrote:
> > ==> do I have to create in zone "" the following NS record:
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > I have found cases where this situation is present and other when it is not
> > present...and both cases seems to work.
> > What is the difference?
> The glue records aren't necessary when both the zone and subzone are on the
> same server, although it is good to have them for completeness. When the
> zones are on different servers you need the glue records.
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