How to reset the serial number?

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Tue Mar 27 13:20:21 UTC 2012

On Mar 27 2012, WBrown at wrote:

>Chuck Swiger wrote on 03/26/2012 02:35:24 PM:
>> Shut down the slave server(s).
>> Use scp or rsync to copy over the zone file, one with a corrected serial 
>> Restart the slave server(s).
>If I have access to the slave, I just deleted slave zone and issue "rndc 
>reload".  It will transfer the missing zone.
>Several advantages:
>No need to shut down slave.
>Less typing/less chance to mis-type something.

If you have control over all the slaves, then using "rnds retransfer [zone]"
on them for each zone with serial number trouble is easier still.

If you don't have such control, you are more or less stuck with using
serial number wrapround in the style of RFC 1982. Even if you do that
right, you may find DNS server implementations on the slaves that don't.
As we discovered in September 2009, when we did the last stage of wrapping
our serials round from YYYYMMDDNN style to seconds-since-1970, the
stealth-slaving Windows DNS servers of that time (even the 2008
ilk) just could not cope, and went into a tizzy continuously trying
to fetch the zones and then rejecting them for their "smaller" serials.

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