How to reset the serial number?

Carlos Ribas carlos at
Tue Mar 27 14:46:40 UTC 2012

Hello all,

    I just want to say thank you for all the responses. Now it works!  I
removed the slave zone, but I also had to change the master configuration
to use rather than, then re-sign the
zone and then back to use

Best regards,

Carlos Eduardo Ribas
Analista de Suporte
Rede ANSP / Projeto NARA

2012/3/27 Chris Thompson <cet1 at>

> On Mar 27 2012, WBrown at wrote:
>  Chuck Swiger wrote on 03/26/2012 02:35:24 PM:
>>  Shut down the slave server(s).
>>> Use scp or rsync to copy over the zone file, one with a corrected serial
>> #.
>>> Restart the slave server(s).
>> If I have access to the slave, I just deleted slave zone and issue "rndc
>> reload".  It will transfer the missing zone.
>> Several advantages:
>> No need to shut down slave.
>> Less typing/less chance to mis-type something.
> If you have control over all the slaves, then using "rnds retransfer
> [zone]"
> on them for each zone with serial number trouble is easier still.
> If you don't have such control, you are more or less stuck with using
> serial number wrapround in the style of RFC 1982. Even if you do that
> right, you may find DNS server implementations on the slaves that don't.
> As we discovered in September 2009, when we did the last stage of wrapping
> our serials round from YYYYMMDDNN style to seconds-since-1970, the
> stealth-slaving Windows DNS servers of that time (even the 2008
> ilk) just could not cope, and went into a tizzy continuously trying
> to fetch the zones and then rejecting them for their "smaller" serials.
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> Chris Thompson
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