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Paul A razor at meganet.net
Thu Mar 29 20:10:29 UTC 2012

Aside from the NS issue the problem was def related to having an 6to4 ipv6
address on the eth0 interface of my name server. Once I removed that ipv6 ip
all is working well. 

Which leaves me with some questions, 

Does bind try on an ipv6 addr 1st? I suspect it does.

The name servers for the domain below on the whois are ns2/ns1/gis.net so I
should have been querying those servers which don't have ipv6 addr however
they have an NS record in the zone pointing to mns01.domaincontrol.com which
has an ipv6 addr but it's not listed on the whois output. 

Basically im not sure why my queries for kingstonmass.org where being
sourced from an ipv6. 

kingstonmass.org.       3387    IN      NS      ns2.gis.net.
kingstonmass.org.       3387    IN      NS      ns1.gis.net.
kingstonmass.org.       3387    IN      NS      mns01.domaincontrol.com.

mns01.domaincontrol.com. 67665  IN      A
mns01.domaincontrol.com. 67665  IN      AAAA    2607:f208:206::22

thanks Paul

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At 08:45 29-03-2012, Anand Buddhdev wrote:
>I also note that kingstonmass.org has delegation to 2 name servers in 
>the ORG zone, but 3 name servers at its apex. The additional name 
>server, mns01.domaincontrol.com, gives a REFUSED response to a query 
>for the domain.

 From mns01.domaincontrol.com:

kingstonmass.org.       3600    IN      NS      mns02.domaincontrol.com.
kingstonmass.org.       3600    IN      NS      mns01.domaincontrol.com.

ns1.gis.net and ns2.gis.net return a different answer.


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