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> Dear all,
> I have the following situation in my zone migration for one server (A) to
> another server (B)
> The zone is called toto.be and contains the following record:
> www.toto.be  86400 IN CNAME  www.titi.be
> ==> the zone titi.be is in the same server (A) but is not transferred to the
> server (B).

I am assuming here that server B is not set up for recursion.

> If I do a dig @SERVER(A) www.toto.be  ==> I  receive the IP corresponding to
> www.titi.be
The extra information is provided when it is known.

> If I do a dig @SERVER(B) www.toto.be  ==> I do not receive the IP
> corresponding to www.titi.be

Since there is no recursion allowed, all SERVER(B) can provide is the
information for which it is authoritative.
> - Is this situation due to the fact that dig always and only contacts the
> server mentionned in the command ?

Yes.  Dig id not a complete resolver, it does not chase down incomplete
references or glue.

> - Does the titi.be and toto.be be on the same server to correctly use CNAMES?

No.  A recursive resolver will determine the information using more than one

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