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In message <DUB109-W1019888953B5631B3DD13C1AC130 at phx.gbl>, hugo hugoo writes:
> Dear all,
> I have the following situation in my zone migration for one server (A) to a=
> nother server (B)
> The zone is called and contains the following record:
>  86400 IN CNAME
> ==> the zone is in the same server (A) but is not transferred t=
> o the server (B).
> If I do a dig @SERVER(A)  ==> I  receive the IP correspondi=
> ng to
> If I do a dig @SERVER(B)  ==> I do not receive the IP corre=
> sponding to
> - Is this situation due to the fact that dig always and only contacts the s=
> erver mentionned in the command ?

Dig only contacts one server when using @server (note it might try
multiple addresses).  To resolve the target of a CNAME the server
needs to be configured to recurse or to have a local copy of the
CNAME target.  It is not a error for authoritative servers to not
return the data for the target of a CNAME as recursive servers will
make additional queries.

> - Does the and be on the same server to correctly use CNAME=
> S?

No, recursive servers will perform a second lookup to resolve
CNAME targets.

> Thanks for your feedback,
> hugo,
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