Suggestions for primary DNS hosting

Mike Hale at
Wed Aug 7 16:18:44 UTC 2013

I think DynDNS meets all your requirements.  They had pretty good
service and a solid infrastructure.

At a certain point, you pay based on the queries per second, which is
the only reason we migrated our DNS in-house.  It's otherwise pretty
cheap for what you get.

On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 6:13 AM, Matthew Huff <mhuff at> wrote:
> Within the last few years, we have drastically reduced our DNS footprint, as well as our datacenter size. We are looking to migrate our primary DNS to a provider, but I'm having trouble finding ones that meet our requirements
> 1) Provide primary DNS without necessary being the registar for the domain
> 2) Provide primary DNS for both forward and reverse zones.
> 3) Support IPv4 and IPv6 records
> 4) Provide IPv6 nameservers (not required, but nice to have)
> 5) Allow arbitrary RR records such as SPF, TXT, etc...
> Any suggestions?
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