BIND with RPZ - CPU Affinity

Arie Lendra Putra arielp at
Fri Aug 30 10:45:21 UTC 2013



Recently we put live some DNS Servers, 


The spec: 

2x Xeon (total seen by OS 24CPU)

Ubuntu Server 12.04


We test limited number RPZ list BIND 9.8.1 (came with Ubuntu 12.04), and put
it on the live network, the result is OK, all load is shared among 24 CPU,
@10% usage

Then in response to BIND Security Advisory (exploit), we upgraded it to 9.8.
5-P2, and we increase  to RPZ list to a huge list (1,3M blacklist)


But now the CPU load is seem to focus only on CPU0 (40%), and remaining CPU
(1-23) only around 2%


Any idea what may seems to be the problem, 



Best Regards,


Arie Lendra Putra 


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