BIND with RPZ - CPU Affinity

Michael McNally mcnally at
Fri Aug 30 17:09:17 UTC 2013

On 8/30/13 2:45 AM, Arie Lendra Putra wrote:

> 2x Xeon (total seen by OS 24CPU)
> 16GB RAM
> Ubuntu Server 12.04
> We test limited number RPZ list BIND 9.8.1 (came with Ubuntu 12.04), and
> put it on the live network, the result is OK, all load is shared among
> 24 CPU, @10% usage
> Then in response to BIND Security Advisory (exploit), we upgraded it to
> 9.8.5-P2, and we increase  to RPZ list to a huge list (1,3M blacklist)
> But now the CPU load is seem to focus only on CPU0 (40%), and remaining
> CPU (1-23) only around 2%
> Any idea what may seems to be the problem,

Did you build the 9.8.5-P2 binaries yourself from ISC source or do you
know what configure options were used?  (If you're not sure, you can
check by running named -V)

You might check to make sure that threads are enabled, or enable them
explicitly with "./configure --enable-threads" (+whatever other options
you built with previously) before re-building the source.

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