how-to configure BIND or any DNS implementation for cloud infrastructure

Odimegwu David odimegwudavid at
Fri Aug 30 16:01:02 UTC 2013

Is it possible for one to configure BIND or any DNS implementation for the cloud?
I was forced to search for this forum because the exigences of my situation necessitates a cloud. But yet, in a cloud:
1. I cannot be systems administrator, even if, I don't know yet, if the company can give me administrator privileges. 

2. The IP address of the machine will not possibly be my own because the machine will be shared by numerous subscribers to the cloud infrastructure. 
3. I know that like all other users, i will be given set of user privileges that are restrictive. 

So, i am doubtful if my intentions are possible?

Although, the domain name and zone administration recourses to me.
With this constraints, is it possible for cloud DNS to be possible? I have this site in mind:, where i intend paying for server space. 

odimegwu david
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