what do you use for logging?

Jeremy C. Reed jreed at isc.org
Thu Jan 17 18:33:01 UTC 2013

BIND 9 by default has logging using syslog, using its daemon facility, 
and logging of info or higher.

Is using syslog a sane default for new installations or when using 
official vendor packages with their startup scripts?

Do any packagers provide a configuration with different-than-default 
logging setup? (What and why?)

(I am researching this to help decide on a good default for BIND10. I 
currently logs to the console by default, but does have syslog and log 
to file support available. By the way, all of the BIND10 logging 
messages are unique and we provide a paragraph or more documentation for 
each of its 933 possible log identifiers!)


  Jeremy C. Reed

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