Define an internal zone with only a couple of A records, then forward to an external dns server

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Thank you for all your replies! 

I'll try to implement your suggestions using a subdomain. 

Best regards. 

Alberto Zanon 

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If you load the zone your server will believe it knows everything about the zone and not forward anything below it. 

If you load with two records, nothing but those two records will ever resolve on that server for . 

One way to make it work would be to load two zones. and each with their A records. Then you would only blackhole things below and . 
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Hi all, 

I googled all the morning without success :( I'm using Bind 9.9.1 and i'm a newbie of Bind. This is my goal: 

- I want to define in my dns server a zone " ", which is the domain of our partner who manages it with his dns public server " ". 
- I need to define into this zone a couple of servers ("vpn_host_1. ", " vpn_host_2. ") because we connect via vpn to our partner. 
- I want that the rest of the names, e.g. " ", are resolved forwarding the requests to the dns of our partner. 

I tried this without success: 

- in "named.conf": 

zone " " { type master; file "master/ .zon"; forwarders {;}; }; 

and I have "recursion yes" in the options. 

- in " .zon" I have only the two entries: 

$TTL 300 
@ IN SOA . . ( 
2013011701 ; Serial 
300 ; Refresh 
300 ; Retry every hour 
300 ; Expire after a week 
300 ) ; Minimum ttl of 1 day 

IN NS . 
TXT "vpn servers" 

vpn_host_1. . IN A 
vpn_host_2. . IN A 

I read about "forward first" option but is the opposite of my goal, correct? 

Thanks in advance for your responses. 

Alberto Zanon 

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