BIND 9.9.3b1 is now available

Evan Hunt each at
Sat Jan 26 02:51:17 UTC 2013

> >I have software that reads the stats channel.
> Me too.  Took awhile to get right, I'd hate to see it break.  :-(

The plan is, it *will* break in 9.10, but not in 9.9 (unless you turn
the new stats on with the configure option).

I'd love it if you'd try it, actually, find out how hard it is to modify
your tools to use the new schema, and send feedback.  It may not be too
painful; the new schema is simpler and flatter and should be easier to
parse.  And the XSL with Google Charts support is a major improvement
over what went before.

> >Please, if you have a new schema, put it on another URI so that software
> >that wants the old schema gets it, and software that wants the new
> >explicitly requests it.  E.g.  '/statistics/v3'
> Some sort of "API-like" deprecation would at least be cool...

The schema includes a version number -- 2.2 for the old stats, 3.0
for the new ones.  We increase the second digit when making changes
that are backward compatible (i.e. adding new fields, not changing or
removing existing ones), and the first digit when making changes that 
break compatibility.

I'd been assuming the version field would be enough, but we can change
the URI if needed.

> But am I reading right?  If I don't build with --enable-newstats, all my
> monitoring and trending scripts will continue to chug happily along with
> the old view?

That's correct.

Evan Hunt -- each at
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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