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Noel Butler noel.butler at
Mon Jul 22 23:58:13 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-07-22 at 08:50 -0500, Barry S. Finkel wrote:

> > This was discussed here already, and imho this is anti-spf bullshit like
> > all those "spf breaks forwarding" FUD. The SPF RR is already here and is
> > preferred over TXT that is generik RR type, unlike SPF.
> It is not Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt that "SPF breaks forwarding".
> SPF *DOES* break forwarding.  I have a case I am researching right now
> where forwarded mail is undeliverable due to SPF checking at the
> new destination.

Nothing is perfect, every single gmail user coming via mailing lists
also fails DKIM.
There is no magic answer, but I wish more would enforce SPF, especially
banks, but cant expect them to have any clue, their only expertise is
ripping people off.

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