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Tue Jul 23 02:11:12 UTC 2013

* Mark Andrews [2013-07-23 03:36]:
> How do you do that with a broken delegation?   Did you think to ask
> before delegating a zone to a zone not configured for it?  What
> does your Chancellor think about using uninformed third parties for
> experiments like this?

The method is described here (Figure 4):

Using a delegation is a technical detail. It's not different than
sending a query directly to the zone servers.

About sending queries unasked: I thought of the traffic this would
cause, which should be a few queries per second on TLD servers and a few
queries per minute on open resolvers. I do not expect this to have any
negative operational effect.

If you're having a different experience, or just don't like it as a
matter of principle, let me know and I will stop sending packets to your


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