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> * Mark Andrews [2013-07-23 03:36]:
> > How do you do that with a broken delegation?   Did you think to ask
> > before delegating a zone to a zone not configured for it?  What
> > does your Chancellor think about using uninformed third parties for
> > experiments like this?
> The method is described here (Figure 4):
> Using a delegation is a technical detail. It's not different than
> sending a query directly to the zone servers.

Send queries for domains that the server is NOT configured to accept
is very different to sending queries for domains the server IS
configured to accept.

You just cost the rw adminstrators time and money investigation the
source of unexpected traffic.  You cost everyone on the list some
time and money helping out the rw administrators.

The actual cost of the traffic in inconsequential to the other costs
that have resulted from your actions.  TLD administrators actually
need to look for abnormal traffic as they are high value targets.


> About sending queries unasked: I thought of the traffic this would
> cause, which should be a few queries per second on TLD servers and a few
> queries per minute on open resolvers. I do not expect this to have any
> negative operational effect.
> If you're having a different experience, or just don't like it as a
> matter of principle, let me know and I will stop sending packets to your
> server.
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