transfer from multiple views to single view

李拓 iloutuoli at
Tue Mar 5 16:07:59 UTC 2013


I want to transfer multiple views from master to slave. The zones are in
different views in master, and in single view in slave.



view "v1"{
    zone "z11" {...} //need transfer
    zone "z12" {...}
    zone "z13" {...}

view "v2" {
    zone "z21" {...} //need transfer
    zone "z22" {...}
    zone "z23" {...}

view "sv" {
    zone "z11" {...}   // from v1 z11
    zone "z21" {...}  //  from v2 z21

What should I do?

Maybe I can share a dynamic zone between multiple views, but the MASTER's
named.conf will be very complex.

Best Regards!
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