Overriding Included Zone File Entries

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Mar 5 22:53:21 UTC 2013

In message <513654F9.4060403 at suwalski.net>, Pat Suwalski writes:
> On 13-03-05 02:44 PM, Barry Margolin wrote:
> > Instead of one include file for everything, use separate include files:
> >
> > $INCLUDE db.common.mail.inc
> > $INCLUDE db.common.www.inc
> > $INCLUDE db.common.spf.inc
> >
> > Then you can omit some $INCLUDE directives in the zones that have more
> > specific records.
> I guess this is the most balanced approach. It's still a little 
> cumbersome for if a client asks to override a specific entry in mail.inc 
> or www.inc. But it will have to do.

Well then have db.common.inc which is just

$INCLUDE db.common.mail.inc
$INCLUDE db.common.www.inc
$INCLUDE db.common.spf.inc

You then do

$INCLUDE db.common.inc


$INCLUDE db.common.mail.inc
$INCLUDE db.common.spf.inc
www	IN A	<value>
	IN AAAA <value>

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