Overriding Included Zone File Entries

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Wed Mar 6 05:05:35 UTC 2013

On 03/05/2013 11:08 AM, Pat Suwalski wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a question about using the $INCLUDE directive in my zone files.
> We run DNS for a moderately large number of domains, largely pointing at
> the same servers. So, I'd really like to have the following setup:
> db.common.inc:
>      mail IN A n.n.n.n
>      mail2 IN A n.n.n.n
>      www IN A n.n.n.n
>      @ IN TXT "v=spf1..."
> And then have individual zone files be able to override the various values:
> db.special.domain.com:
>      $INCLUDE db.common.inc
>      www IN A x.x.x.x

You already have the answer that you can't do that. What you could do is 
create separate $INCLUDE files that contain the different elements that 
may need to be overridden.


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