how to verify RPZ with a 'known bad' domain from 3rd party zone file?

pgbind9 at pgbind9 at
Mon Mar 11 20:02:12 UTC 2013


I've bind 9.9.2p1 setup to use the RPZ zone provided by spamhaus.  Zone
transfer is apparently working as it should.

I'd like to verify that RPX redirection is actually working for a "known
bad", real domain.

(1) How/where do you extract a bad domain name from the axfr'd RPZ zone
file?  It's not in what appears to be human-readable form.

(2) Once you have that domain, I assume (?) entering it into a browser
should result in a browser redirect to (?)?  In which DNS/bind
log category do I look for evidence of that RPZ-redirection?  In the
query log?



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