spf ent txt records.

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Wed Mar 13 11:33:35 UTC 2013

Dear all,
I received the following question and I am not able to aswer as spf records are still mysterious to me.
We are using BIND 9.7.
Thanks in advance for your answers,
Does our DNS-server support SPF-type records? Or do we put SPF-info in a TXT-record?
Ref. : 
Early implementations used TXT records for implementation before the new record type was commonly available in DNS software. Use of TXT records for SPF was intended as a transitional mechanism. However, according to the current RFC, RFC 4408, section 3.1.1, "An SPF-compliant domain name SHOULD have SPF records of both RR types. A compliant domain name MUST have a record of at least one type," and as such, TXT record use is not deprecated.[2]
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