spf ent txt records.

Dave Warren lists at hireahit.com
Wed Mar 13 21:43:31 UTC 2013

On 3/13/2013 05:09, G.W. Haywood wrote:
>> Ref. : Early implementations used TXT records for implementation 
>> before the new record type was commonly available in DNS software. 
>> Use of TXT records for SPF was intended
>> as a transitional mechanism. However, according to the current RFC, 
>> RFC 4408, section 3.1.1, "An SPF-compliant domain name SHOULD have 
>> SPF records of both RR types. A
>> compliant domain name MUST have a record of at least one type," and 
>> as such, TXT record use is not deprecated.[2]
> The SPF type RR seems to me to be dying.  Hardly anyone uses it.

This is very true. I updated my management interface to encourage "SPF" 
records, and to automatically create matching TXT records, but only 
because it's easier to sanity check when I know the intent is SPF.

I almost wouldn't bother with SPF records these days though, except that 
the code was already written.

Dave Warren

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